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Solusi Persamaan diferensial Stochastic

Solusi Persamaan diferensial Stochastic

Albert Einstein is the greatest scientist in this century. Because of the greatness, he lifted by his follower as prophet of siences. So didn’t suprise if action of other scientist looked into justify his theory. Masya Allah, this is really abundant. Why? Ya, because in towards the prestisius throne of real sicence, Einstein is not only walks besides do small running („sai“ in term arabic), but he beforehand rides a delman Phytagoras and then takes a rides binomial bus. This statement not without a reason, because in mathematics context, the problem of special relativity only to be form of exploitation from Phytagoras theorem. Greatness of Einstein which is praiseworthy is his excess in exploiting the binomial approach of which is not thinking of other scientist. The fact, his special relativity only applied to movement of object which its speed (v) closing the velocity of light ().

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